Which Reggae Star has the most children?

Reggae Children
Reggae Children

One thing with Reggae and Dancehall artistes, a lot of them are known for having many children. How many? Many many… Many many many.

Reggae Dancehall artistes are not only famous for their music. Many of them, especially the ones out of Jamaica are famous for fathering a lot of children.

It is believe that more than half of Jamaican reggae and dancehall artistes have children in the double figures. It is not surprise as the music over the years has been very pro-sex and at the same time very anti abortion.

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But who would you guess have the most? Is it Bob Marley? What about Ninjaman or Elephant Man? Could it be one of them?

A man or a woman should be able to have as many children as the can afford both emotionally and financially. While children need food clothes and shelter, they also need emotional support from both their mother and father.

Let us know which reggae or dancehall artiste you think has the most children in the poll below. We will post the correct answer at the end of March.

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