Vybz Kartel’s “Jewish type” lawyers failed him miserably.

Christian Tavares-Finson Vybz Kartel Tom Tavares-Finson
Christian Tavares-Finson Vybz Kartel Tom Tavares-Finson

If you are a fan of Vybz Kartel then chances are you remember his song, Any guy dis, when the deejay boasted of having “Jewish type” lawyers to help him beat his crime convictions. In case you forgot, no need to worry, we will refresh your memory.

Any guy dis get gunshot through his tripe
Mi lawyer a di Jewish type
– Vybz Kartel

Obviously this was not merely lyrics in a song for Vybz Kartel but was actually the deejay’s true way of thinking. This became evident after Kartel got charged with murder. Even though Jamaica with its 99 percent Black population is filled with Black lawyers, Kartel went uptown looking for the “Jewish type” lawyers to spend his money with. It is fair to say that the “be Black, think Black, buy Black” teaching of Marcus Garvey meant nothing to the world boss. In the mind of the gaza don, Blacks from the ghettos who worked hard to become attorneys were just not good enough.

It is a shame that Black people continue to think so lowly of ourselves. We are continually thinking that we are not good enough when in fact we are. Had Vybz Kartel chosen a Black lawyer, a Johnny Cochran type, he would have been a free man today.

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18 Karat Reggae polled 100 lawyers throughout the 14 parishes of Jamaica and 87 of them said that Kartel’s case was an easy one to win. The other 13 said even though they don’t believe it was necessarily an easy case to win, it was very winnable. There was no body to prove the victim is really dead. There were no witnesses saying they actually saw anyone hurting or killing the victim. There was no type of DNA evidence tying Kartel to the crime. There was no weapon found that tied Kartel to the crim. Yet Kartel “Jewish type” lawyers could not save him from being convicted.

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The funny thing about all this is that Kartel and his fans claim that it is the system that was trying to get him. Yet, he went to the system to represent him in his case. If the system is trying to bring you down and you choose the same system to defend you then of course you are going down. Tom Tavares-Finson, Kartle’s attorney in his murder trial, is a member of the Jamaican senate. It does not get more system than that.

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While we have no proof that Kartel’s attorneys were actually colluding with the system, the bottom line is, in a case that the deejay should have won easily, his “Jewish type” lawyers failed him miserably.

This magnitude of a failure should be a wakeup call to Black people and remind them that regardless of the situation they are facing, they should never stray away from the teachings of Marcus Garvey. “Be Black. Think Black. Buy Black. All else will take care of itself.”



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