Freemasonry in Jamaica.

freemasonry in Jamaica
freemasonry in Jamaica

By Toraino Beckford

Freemasonry is Undemocratic-Freemasonry can be criticized as an undemocratic Secret Society operating within Jamaica’s democratic social framework. Freemasonry as an organization attracts some of the most influential individuals within a particular society which runs the risk of violating the Separation of Powers Doctrine while subjecting elected officials to networking and oaths (allegiances) that possibly contradict the democratic essence of elected officials, chosen to serve the people.

Capacity to Usurp the Separations of Powers Doctrine– Recruiting members from the three arms of government is a violation of the Separation of Powers Doctrine which is a critical regulatory framework within democratic societies. If a Chief Justice, a Head of State/Head of Government and members of the Legislature (MP’s and Senators) are recruited into Freemasonry then it can fairly be concluded that the organization embodies a violation of the Separation of Powers Doctrine. Is there a framework to prevent such a situation from happening? The publication of Freemasonic membership lists for regulatory purposes can be the official solution to this issue.

Capacity to Manipulate Democratic Heads of State/Heads of Governments who hold Freemasonic Membership– Can we trust a Prime Minister or a President who holds Freemasonic membership? What level of allegiance do these members have to swear to the lodges and does this loyalty to the lodge affect their capacity to serve the people free of conflicts of interest?

Ceremony and Required Allegiance – Does the ceremonies and required allegiance subject Freemasonic members to potential blackmail or compulsion to comply with the demands of the organization? Where does a Freemason’s loyalty lie, with the lodges and secret networks or to the well-being of the wider society? If our heads of government have ties to Freemasonry then who can it be considered that they are loyalty to? Their Freemasonic brothers or the people who elect them and pay them with their tax dollars?

Democratic leaders cannot be afforded Freemasonic membership without violating democratic regulation and therefore it should be rendered an impeachable and prosecutable offense for a Head of State/ Head of Government to possess Freemasonic membership.

Capacity to Consolidate all the Influential Positions of society and reserve them for Freemasonic Members– Freemasonic members who hold high positions in society have been suspected of mostly (or only) promoting and rewarding other Masons who are then prepped to take up such position of power. This act of ruthless networking allows Masonry to monopolize all the powerful positions of society and prevent true upward social mobility based on merit. This is arguably the greatest crime that an organization (secret society) can perpetrate against society and should be referred to as the mother of all crimes.

For the purpose of democratic accountability, Freemasons should not be allowed to hire or promote other Freemasons without publicly declaring their shared Freemasonic membership and a proof of merit.

Capacity to be above the Law: How many persons in a court room has to be Freemasonic sympathizers in order for a defendant to be regarded as untouchable and above the law? From a prima facie assessment it only requires the presiding judge and the prosecutor to be under Freemasonic influence for any Freemason in Jamaica to make a mockery of our legal system and to be genuinely above Jamaican law. If we go further to include other judicial officials such as the clerk of court and other judicial bureaucrats, then any Freemason can not only walk free from their crimes but it doesn’t even have to be evident to the wider society that our court proceedings are a sham.

Is it fair at this point to question whether Patrick Powell was a Freemason or had Freemasonic backing when he escaped conviction even with a mountain of evidence connecting him to the scene of the crime, coupled with his guilty conduct of fleeing the country and failing to hand over his firearm in a gun related murder case? Does the general departure from the usual protocols in that particular case suggest some form of organized effort to get this particular individual freed from his conviction? You the sovereign and Democratic people of Jamaica be the judge.

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Capacity to be a criminal organization: Does Freemasonry possess the capacity to operate as a criminal organization? Can Freemasonry be considered to be subjected to adequate law enforcement scrutiny? Can the police verify whether or not Freemasons are operating within the confines of the law of the particular society in which they operate?

In order to assess whether Freemasonry possesses the capacity to operate as a criminal organization, a cross examination of Freemasonry will be done with another secret society whose activities are openly known to the public in the 21st century.

The Mafia is a secret society which has existed for centuries and has operated from the shadows of society. In this day and age we are privileged to know that the Mafia is a murderous criminal organization that used secrecy, networking and a lack of law enforcement accountability to amass considerable wealth and to consolidate power above the unsuspecting populations in which it operated.

However, this was not the case as for many centuries the Mafia was believed to be an organization attracting “men of honor “ from mainly Sicilian, Italian and Jewish backgrounds. In places like America, the very existence of the Mafia was even denied for decades and influential individuals, notably former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover played an active role in shielding the Mafia from police investigations. The Mafia enjoyed a virtually unregulated role in the societies in which it operated, similar to how Freemasonry operates above police accountability in today’s society.

Historically, the Mafia and the Masons similarly enjoyed the privilege of operating above the reasonable suspicions of the people and faced virtually no suspicion from law enforcement. However, the Mafia’s “hide behind the curtain” ended in the year 1957 when police discovered over 100 Italian and Sicilian men meeting suspiciously in Apalachin in the state of New York. The suspicious discovery led to the arrest of many of the individuals at the meeting who weren’t even carrying guns or anything illegal. So why were they arrested? Maybe because the idea of discovering over 100 men from all over America in one place seemingly colluding is enough to demand a police investigation into their true objectives. Isn’t that what the Freemasons do everyday within the confines of the lodges without any police investigation interrupting their proceedings? It can be argued that that is exactly what they do and our society seems to allow them the privilege of secrecy.

Then why don’t the police investigate their arguably suspicious gathering just as how the New York police involved themselves in the infamous Mafia meeting of 1957? Maybe because Freemasonry attracts the most influential members of our society as its members, including those who have direct and indirect authority to keep the police at bay.

After the infamous Mafia meeting of 1957 which the police crashed, it became widely known in popular culture that the Mafia was no gentlemen’s club of “honourable men” as many were led to believe but was in fact a murderous secret society parading itself as protectors of their people (Italian and Sicilian immigrants). We now know that the Mafia exploited the historic shroud of sophistication and secrecy to operate as a criminal cult within the unsuspecting wider society and that if it wasn’t for the intervention of concerned citizens in the form of police officers, they would probably be operating above the suspicions of the wider society to this day.

How different are the Freemasons from the Mafia? Who knows? Who knows what the core values of Freemasonry are? Who knows what goes on in the lodges and other Freemasonic meeting grounds? Has the Freemasons ever been subjected to unexpected or unforeseeable investigations by the police in any country in which they operate?

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Since the Mafia used its perceived sophistication, networking capacity and long historic experiences to operate as a virtually untouchable criminal organization and to generate huge amounts of wealth, isn’t it our responsibility to determine whether the Freemasons are doing the same thing under our nose?

The Freemasons have all the freedom, connections, power and centuries of experience to basically do exactly what the Mafia was doing possibly with the added benefit of not being suspected or caught like the Mafia which have clear rules preventing police officers or their relatives from joining. It is not farfetched to suspect that many police chiefs and high ranking police officers are connected to the Freemasons in the countries which they operate so it is understood from that angle why Freemasonry may have avoided the same faith of the Mafia. In fact, the Mafia resorted to blackmail and bribery not brotherly membership to maintain its grip on American law enforcement unlike the Freemasons who would likely have law enforcement officials as subordinate members.

On march 14, 2018 an article titled “Demonic Forces behind St. James crimes, says JDF officer” was published in the Jamaica Observer. In it, Colonel Daniel George Pryce asserted that demonic forces relating to the “Illuminati” and “Baphlomet” were behind many the many crimes engulfing the parish of St. James. This is a radical shift in mainstream recognition of the rumored “Illuminati” secret network which many independent investigators throughout history as connected to the Freemasons.

Without focusing too much on Colonel Pryce’s intention to approach Jamaica’s crime problem from a superstitious and out-of-touch perspective, it is important to note that no mention of Freemasonry was ever made in the article. Freemasonry is arguably the only realistically provable link to such borderline conspiracy theories and the Colonel’s reluctance to highlight Freemasonry is a reflection of how many (including the police) have played a blind eye to unregulated Freemasonic activity within Jamaica.

Since a reputable military commander and an agent of law enforcement in Jamaica can openly talk about the “Illuminati” and “Baphlomet” without being confined to straight jacket, is this a sign that Jamaica is mature and objectively prepared to approach the issue of Freemasonry as it relates to law enforcement accountability and the right of police officers to investigate Freemasonry?

Freemasonic Oaths and Allegiance: Similar to “Omerta” or the vow of silence which is a Mafia oath requiring loyalty and secrecy regarding criminal conduct, if Freemasonry requires its members to take oaths that compel them to maintain loyalty and silence even regarding criminal activities committed by other Freemasons then the organization can be fairly labelled as a criminal organization.

Any secret society, organization or special interest group that demand loyalty even in criminal circumstances is unquestionably a criminal organization. It is criminal even if such an organization has yet to encounter criminally related circumstances that demand such a loyalty. Therefore the existence of such an oath or allegiance is of critical importance in determining the legality of Freemasonry within the wider society. So, are Freemasons required to take an oath of loyalty to keep illegal activities secret or to shield their members from law enforcement accountability?

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.” – John F. Kennedy



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