It’s not too late to invest in Marijuana stocks.

Women love marijuana
Women love marijuana

If you think you missed the boat on pot stocks, you are dead wrong.

In fact, it may be the single best time to start investing. Marijuana stocks have been beaten down over the last few months — mostly based on the Canadian government’s inability to decide on how to legalize and regulate it.

This is a temporary issue, and will give you a great chance to buy life-changing stocks at a massive discount.

As long-time readers know, Canada was the first mover on the legal pot front. It’s launched pretty much every major marijuana company worth its weight in green.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won his position as Prime Minister based on the promise that he would legalize marijuana across the country. It now seems like he didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to set up rules and regulations. The young Prime Minister is realizing how difficult it is to run a large bureaucratic monolith.

You would think that once a law is voted upon and won, government officials would make haste to fulfill the will of the public. We all know that is a pipe dream — even in Canada.

Legislators have hemmed and hawed to place draconian requirements for packaging, labeling, and selling recreational marijuana. They are attempting to set up government-run shops, much like the ABC liquor stores here in the States.

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It hasn’t been an easy transition — especially considering the sheer size of the industry and the move from illegal to legal trade.

This lack of clarity has set up a great opportunity for us investors.

This is the cheapest pot stocks have been in months and I assure you it won’t last for long.

By: Jimmy Mengel



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