Hope Solo and the United States Women Soccer Team are a Disgrace to the Sport.

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Hope Solo
Hope Solo

The United States women’s soccer team, led by goalkeeper hope Solo is not only a disgrace to America but they are also an insult to the sports of soccer and the Olympic Games. America is wealthy enough where parents can afford to get their little Mias high level soccer training but too bad money can’t buy class. The Americans were completely classless in their Olympics quarterfinal match against Sweden

The classless Americans scored a goal while one of their opponent laid injured on the field. Everyone knows that in soccer whenever someone is injured, you kick the ball out and wait for the player to be attended to. This rule of sportsmanship does not seem to apply to the spoiled and disgraceful American team, however. They saw the injured opponent as an opportunity for them to take advantage of the handicap and score a cheap, classless goal.

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God don’t like ugly, so the low-class behavior of the women’s soccer team did not get them the victory. That is when the trash Hope Solo went on her tirade referring to her opponents as a “bunch of cowards”. But who are the real cowards? Aren’t the real cowards the ones who were too afraid to win with dignity and chose instead to try and win by any means?

Hope Solo also says the better team did not win. Maybe she is right. What is clear, however, is that the classier team won. The United States women’s soccer team is pure, unadulterated trash; from players to coaches.

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Donald Trump must be proud of Hope Solo and these women, the majority of Americans are not.



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  1. There are more important things in life go worry over than go worry over women’s football (soccer).

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