Reggae Star Food Kartel is dead.

Food Kartel
Food Kartel

Popular dancehall reggae artist, Food Kartel, is dead. The artist died after suffering a stroke earlier this week.

“I will always remember Food Kartel as a man who loved music, he was a great live performer, and an encouraging individual. He was a real vibes man, happy no matter what was going through in his life. He would always find a way to hustle a money so that he and his fellow artistes could do road and promote our songs. It is tragic that he died so young,” fellow artiste Macka Diamond said.

Kartel whose real name is Courtney Broughton is survived by 9 children.

Food Kartel was the Weird Al Yankovic of reggae dancehall. He would create comedic spoof of some of the top dancehall hits. The artist is famous for songs such as Kitchen Hero, Cook It Inna, Dumpling Tight, Brown Stew Fish and Hot Rice.

Food Kartel is not related to Vybz Kartel



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