Buju Banton is the answer to Guyana’s problems, according to the country’s government.

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Fans of Buju Banton
Fans of Buju Banton

Guyana is currently facing a lot of problems but the country’s government believes that Buju Banton might be part of the solution for those problems.

The Guyanese government so strongly believes that the message in Buju’s message can help to heal the country that they have bought up all the unsold tickets for the Buju show in Guyana and issued them out to people of Guyana.

Amna Ally, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress (PNC), says times are perilous in the country and it is very important for the people of Guyana to listen to the message in Buju Banton’s music and take heed of the message.

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“We believe generally that is a good opportunity for people to go to the Buju Banton show,” Ally said.

Over 8,000 tickets were purchased and distributed to the people of Guyana for a cost of over 40 million GYD.

The opposition leader of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, has denounced the ticket buying move and accused the PNC Government of vote-buying. He believes that every citizen of Guyana who receives a free ticket to the Buju Banton concert has gotten the ticket in exchange for their vote.

“I don’t begrudge the people who are getting the tickets because it’s our people and they should enjoy the ticket but the fact is that this part of a plan by PNC to campaign using taxpayers’ money,” Jagdeo said.

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Ally has denied the accusation that she is vote-buying with taxpayers’ money.

“Not the government’s money. It’s the PNC’s money,” she said.

Buju Banton will take his Long Walk to Freedom tour to Guyana tomorrow night. This will be the Hills and Valleys singer first time performing in the country in 12 years.



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