Three fans of Vybz Kartel killed by Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

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Vybz kartel
Vybz kartel

Three of Vybz Kartel’s most ardent fans have reported to the St Andrew North police that they were recently shot and killed by a man who claimed to be Clive Williams, the deceased man that the world boss has been convicted of murdering.

The three fans claim that the murders took place in Cressa Lane, Old Braeton, Portmore, in St Catherine.

The men were having drinks and playing dominoes in a bar in Cressa Lane about two weeks ago when a black Honda CRV pulled up and Lizard alighted from the vehicle firing shots at them. All three men were hit, two died at the scene and one later succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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“Wi jus a hold a vibes and a listen some a di teacha music and di one Lizard just come kill wi fi no reason,” one of the fans who died on the scene told the Jamaican Observer.

Lizard was supposedly killed in 2011 but all three of the dead Kartel fans say it is a big lie.

“Lizard nuh dead. If him dead how him woulda get fi kill wi. A di system a try set up di teacha,” said the fan who died at the hospital.

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It is not known whether or not these three dead fans will be allowed to testify in Kartel’s ongoing case.

The fans all said their family wanted to bury them already but they asked not to be buried until Vybz Kartel wins his appeal as they want the world boss at their funeral.



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