Alkaline still in jail.

Alkaline in police custody
Alkaline in police custody

Dancehall’s hottest deejay at the moment is still in jail and the police are saying they still have more questions to ask the vendetta boss about a January 13th murder.

Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch Ealan Powell said the police are not yet through with its questioning of Alkaline, who has been has been locked up since last Thursday.

“He remains in custody. We have a few more questions that we would like to ask of him, and at the end of that a determination would be made,” Powell, an assistant commissioner of police, told 18 KARAT REGGAE.

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Alkaline’s attorney, Peter Champagne, however, says he will be filing a habeas corpus application at the resumption of the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court today for the artiste to be released.

“He has professed his innocence to them as best as he could, gave cooperation in terms of their investigations,” Champagnie said.

Alkaline, whose given name is Earlan Bartley, was called in by the police to answer questions in relation to the murder of Rohan Morris, who was killed on January 13.



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