How fans feel about Shenseea’s “COVID Super Spreader” concert.

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Shenseea performed at a concert in Florida last Saturday where hundreds of fans gathered without any social distancing and also not wearing masks. Her manager said if anyone was to be blamed for the concert goers not taking safety precautions it would be the promoter of the event. Others have said the blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of Florida’s governor, Ron Desantis who makes such an event possible in the first place.

Fans on the other hand have been on both side of the fence with some calling Shenseea “selfish” for performing at an event that puts her fans their families at risk; others thought that Shenseea did the right and has an artist has all right to perform and make a living.

Below is what fans are saying on Social Media about Shenseea’s super spreader concert.

“Never like Shensea. And this is just highly irresponsible. Plus, meen really know what anybody packing up no place to see exactly cuz she cyah perform neither. See she live already and the “live” part was questionable.”

“Doesn’t she have a small child? why she out performing at a concert with no covid-19 regulations?”

“Ent she’s the same one do that tone deaf police post right after George Floyd. This gyul en have no setta morals. Her mother just die. Right after, she have no qualms about facilitating other people’s harm and potential death. Speaks volumes. Plus, the way she sells herself never really indicate no high moral code for me anyhow.”

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“I like her but now is not the time for a concert.”

“Shenshea, DJs and promoters are skirting around legislation and finding little loopholes to make a quick dollar. Morally, that’s wrong. Any American artist (or Canadian) would have been dragged and rightfully so. She doesn’t get a pass. Not to mention, Shenseea’s fans are young, most still living with their parents or worse yet in multigenerational homes with their grandparents. This one event could impact so many lives. So irresponsible.”

“Shenseea and DeSantis can both kiss my big black ass, because we literally have millions of Floridians working hard everyday and risking their to provide for their families during these trying times, and yet this blatant disregard for safety could literally throw a wrench in all of that. Disgusting. Doesn’t she ave a child to go home to? And all these people, I hope they don’t go to work and school and spread things to the people around them. So insensitive and disgusting.”

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“I dont think its Shenseea’s fault. Who turning down a check? lol. People need to stop trying to find someone to blame and blame themselves. The governor should make masks mandatory and they should have had a limited amount of people who could attend. Also, the virus has now killed 240k and is rising why would you not wear a mask?”

“Nah, she wrong for holding the event, just because gov’t allow you to do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it. I hope she loses fans.”

“No shade, her music aint that moving to be risking rona on that level.”

“None of the concert attendees were forced to go. If the crowd is 18+ and they make the choice to put themselves at risk. Who cares. Let them go out & enjoy. Shenseea needs to continue to make her coins and nuh watch no face. Not everyone wants to stay inside and hide.”



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