Ishawna says she owes no apology but Miss Lou should have apologized for the way she dressed.

Ishawna and Miss Lou
Ishawna and Miss Lou

Dancehall’s pass-around-donkey and queen of biting insects, Ishawna, has said she will not apologize for the disrespectful and disparaging remarks she made against Jamaica’s cultural icon, Miss Lou.

Ishawna says she does not see why she owes an apology when she was just stating her opinion.  She also said that Miss Lou should have apologized to the Jamaican people for the way she dressed.

The Equal Rights deejay referred to Miss Lou’s usually African-inspired clothing as “tablecloth”.

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“I don’t think I owe anyone an apology. I just said what I was feeling.  When Russian dis Marcus Garvey and call him a scammer no one said anything.  Is it because he is a white boy or it is because am a woman?  Equal Rights mi a defend,” Ishawna said.

Ishawna is referring to an incident that occurred shortly after the then president Obama visited Jamaica.  During that time, Russian disrespected Jamaica’s first national hero by referring to Garvey has a criminal and a scammer.  The island, including Babsy Grange stayed quiet after the incident.

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It has just been revealed that Ishawna has gonorrhea and that could be what is messing with her brain.



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