How to get the most kief from your marijuana grinder.

marijuana grinder
marijuana grinder

By grinding you weed for sure you have this issue. You cannot gather the kief, which you collected it while grinding. It sticks on the walls and stucks between the teeth of your grinder and generally makes it a pain in the butt to get every last bit out. So here we provided you couple of steps where you can solve this issue;

Step 1. Coin

First try what you can get by yourself than find a coin that will fit easily inside the middle chamber, where your ground weed ends up. Based on your grinder size, this could be anywhere from a dime to a silver dollar, simply a little coin that can pass through. Make sure it has room to move around.

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Step 2. Chill

Reconstruct your grinder and put it in the refrigerator. You don’t want a lot of moisture, but you want it pretty cold. This is an interesting way of.

Step 3. Wait

Let it stay there for about 30 minutes, depending on the size of your grinder and how cold your refrigerator is.

Step 4. Shake

Shake the bejeezus out of the grinder. Pretend you have maracas and there’s a party.

Step 5. Claim your prize

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The coldness will reduce the sticky factor on your herb, and loosen it from the metal grinder. The coin acts as a jackhammer, vibrating the kief off the walls with each impact. Open your grinder, remove the coin, and then see how much more kief you have in your collection chamber.

We are sure you will find this useful, Maybe you have another way of how to get it, please provid in the comments bellow!



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