Black teenager murdered by store clerk for allegedly stealing a beer.

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Dorian Harris: Teenager murdered by store clerk for stealing beer
Anwar Ghazali and Dorian Harris: Teenager murdered by store clerk for stealing beer

17-year-old Dorian Harris allegedly walked into the Top Stop Shop convenience store in Memphis and took a beer without paying for it.

Supposedly the boy walked out the store with the beer. That’s when the clerk on duty, 28-year-old Anwar Ghazali, pulled out a gun from his right side, according to police.

Ghazali exited the store and chased after Harris before firing several shots at the teen, who was still walking away, according to police. Police say Ghazali walked back to the store and told a witness ‘I think I shot him.” He never called 911.

Two days later, on March 31, Memphis resident Sarah Patton found the Harris’ body lying next to her home and called police, reported the Commercial Appeal. The body had a gunshot wound on the thigh, police said.

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Police arrested Ghazali, who police told the Commercial Appeal he never “officially” knew that the teen was hit. Ghazali waived his Miranda rights and admitted to firing several shots that night, police said.

“We don’t want people to steal from businesses. We also don’t want people hunting suspects down and shooting them. If he’s not giving direct, imminent danger to you, leave it be. Call the cops. Let us figure it out,” Memphis Police Department spokesman Louis Brownlee told the Commercial Appeal.

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Neighbors from around where Harris’ body was found told WREG they did not think the shooting was justified. “He didn’t have to kill him, you know?” Patton, the woman who found the body by her house, told the station. “You don’t have any reason to be shooting no kids,” another neighbor added.

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