Are Black men bleaching their skin the same as Black men marrying white women?

Popcaan and white girlfriend
Popcaan and white girlfriend

There is no secret that since the white man set foot in Africa; Blacks have been taught that Black is ugly. That teaching continues to perpetuate society today, the lighter you are the more beautiful you are considered to be. That is why in America, Black men love their red bones and in Jamaica, Black men love their browning.

Today if you ask Black people to list the most beautiful Black celebrities, they will give you the name of a celebrity who has made up themselves to look very European like a Beyoncé or someone who has European in their blood like a Halle Berry. In fact, female dancehall artiste, Pamputtae, once said “Mi would neva stop wearing make-up because remember, my mother neva tek a pretty coolie man with straight nose and dem something there, so me haffi fix up.”

You would be very hard pressed to find a Black person who would list Tracy Chapman or India Arie among the most beautiful Black celebrities, that is because these women embrace their African features and their Blackness.
Therefore we should not be surprised when some of our biggest celebrities bleach their skin. In recent years, however, Jamaica’s most famous skin bleacher, Michael “Cake Soap” Jackson suggested that skin bleaching was no worse than Black men who marry white women.

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After Damian Marley released the song “Here we go”, where he sung the following lyrics:

Dem sell out dem souls just to be rewarded
Bleach out dem skin, dem favour death to rahtid

Many Gaza fans took that as Junior Gong throwing shades at Vybz Kartel and of course the world boss did not hesitate to respond. According to the world boss, none of the Marleys should criticize skin bleaching as they are all marry to white women. In fact, some say that one of the Marleys left a Black woman with five children to care for on her own while he went and find himself a white woman.

So the question has to be asked; does wanting to be lighter in complexion the same as wanting a lighter complexion woman?

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The truth is, most parents want their children to be either what they the parents are or what they wish they could have been. That is why some parents work overtime or hold down multiple jobs so they can give their children the opportunities they never had. So it is conceivable that a Black man who marries a white woman does so because he wants his children to be lighter than he is. In such case, it is actually no different than the Black man who bleaches is skin because he wishes he was lighter than he really is. So the world boss might have been on to something.

What do you think? Are Black men bleaching their skin the same as Black men marrying white women? Let us know in the comments below.



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