Did biting insects cause Ishawna to dump Foota Hype?

Ishawna and Foota Hype
Ishawna and Foota Hype

On a social media tirade a few weeks ago, popular dancehall selector, Foota Hype, boasted of not having anything to do with biting insects. In fact, the selector even claimed that biting insects is one of the major differences between him and legendary deejay bounty Killer.

But now Foota Hypes’ ex-girlfriend, Ishawna, has released a song called “Equal Rights”. The song leaves one to wonder if Foota Hype was lying about the whole biting insects’ thing.

Although not from the same angle, Cécile and Bridgez have down songs on the topic of biting insects before but because of Foota Hype’s bragging on video, Ishawna’s song is a little more interesting.

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In “Equal Rights”, Ishawna deejays:
I just got started. Weh yuh think one round can do?
Bumpa to your forehead, show me wah yuh tongue can do
If yuh nuh have it inna waist, yuh better have it inna face.
Bright enough fi a look gyal fi shine yuh, and yuh nuh wah taste

So one has to wonder if during their relationship, Foota Hype had to taste while the Bumpa was in his face or was it his refusal to taste that ended their relationship.

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Only Foota and Ishawna know the honest answer to the question but as an American woman wrote couple weeks ago, Jamaican men love to lie about biting insects.



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