Is Dexta Daps to be blamed?

Dexta Daps
Dexta Daps

Promoter of the Best of the Best concert, Jabba, is angry at Dexta Daps for causing a premature end to the show last Sunday.  There are also rumors swirling that Mavado and his camp are also angry at Dexta Daps because the gully god did not get a chance to perform because of Dexta’s actions.

According to Jabba, Dexta Daps was very unprofessional and behaved like a child.  Daps did not show on time for his performance instead he stayed in his hotel room demanding that certain demands be met before he would come to the concert.

“He said he wouldn’t come to the park unless he was paid the rest of his show fee, he wanted 10 extra passes, and US$1,000 we owed him from the Love and Harmony Cruise,” Jabba said.

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Honestly, apart from wanting the ten extra passes, we at 18 Karat Reggae sees absolutely nothing wrong with Dexta Daps actions.  While US$1,000 might not mean much to Jabba it is a lot to most dancehall artists because dancehall is not selling like other genres.  The fact that Love and Harmony took place back in February and Jabba still did not pay Dexta Daps his full amount means that Dexta was just protecting himself.  The deejay did not want to get burn again so he demanded that he be paid not only what was due to him for Best of the Best but also what was owed to him from the Love and Harmony cruise.

Now for what Jabba has been doing for the music with this show, he does deserves a lot of credit and maybe artists should cut him some slack when possible but still a deal is a deal.  If an agreement is made for an artist to be paid X amount then said artist should be paid his or her X amount.

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“We’ve never had any money issue with artistes. We’ve shown them nothing but love,” Jabba lamented.

Clearly US$1,000 is not an issue to Jabba but it turns out to be a big issue to Dexta Daps.  It is a matter of, where you sit is where you stand.  We just can’t blame Dexta Daps. Sorry Jabba.





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