TONY MATTERHORN Promises to Support His Jacket Pickney. Should a Jacket Mother go to Jail for Fraud?

Tony Matterhorn
Tony Matterhorn

Salams Brothers and Sisters.

Reggae Entertainer TONY MATTERHORN was recently relieved of child support obligations when a DNA test revealed him to not be the biological father of the petitioning child.

My eyebrow is raised in all kinds of ways. This, to me, says Matterhorn had his suspicions long before. If he intended to maintain the child all along, why bother to go through the DNA? To kill the curiosity and settle his mind? To make sure that he would NEVER be legally obligated to pay Child Maintenance Support? What?

After much scrutiny and, basically, some serious macho depleting humiliation, Matterhorn replied to the public:

“All a who a talk bout Matterhorn get jacket, unu go sort out unu life and do DNA pan unu self cuz a nuff a unu mother give unu to the wrong father,” he said laughing. “At least me take out mine an find out the truth, nuff a unu a jacket and nuh know.”

“It has been bittersweet so far because part of me is happy and the other part is sad. Me happy seh me nuh affi deal wid her (the child’s mother) no more, but sad because I am the only father that little girl knows.”

Brother. I feel you. You’re hurt. How dare a bitch give you bun like that and make everyone see.

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I don’t believe he should maintain that child nor should he have anything more to do with her. End it now for that child’s sake. This is a problem in the Black community. Babylon robbed the Africans of their roots, culture and rights. That child needs to know who is her biological father and her roots. She needs to know her culture. She needs to know her ancestry. Even if her father is a monster rapist or pedophile—she needs to know. If he’s dead— let her know! If I had it my way, I would put women who make jackets in jail for fraud. They are ruining the lives of not one but two people—the child and the father. I take into consideration cases of adoption, death, and even incarceration. I still say, LET THAT CHILD KNOW THE TRUTH.

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Maybe Matterhorn can seek counseling from his fellow deejay colleagues. Too many times they bed women who are sampled more than an 80s hit by Diddy. They are always selected by the sound boys and have high fertility. Their jacket rates are off the charts. You know we’ve seen a certain Indian entertainer running around Kingston with raw born Black kids calling him “daddy.”

It’s time we stop humiliating the men and start making the women own up their responsibilities.


Raheema X



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