Jamaicans agree that uptown people are cleaner than downtown people.

Downtown Jamaica
Downtown Jamaica

When the Jamaica Observer published an article titled “Jamaicans need to top being nasty”, I was very outraged. When I open the article and read in bold letters that, “This newspaper is in complete agreement…” I became not only outraged but outright angry. How can a media outlet owned by a wealthy business mogul thumb their noses at average Jamaicans and paint us as nasty?

I immediately had to do a counteraction article stating that Jamaicans were not nasty but the litter we see on our beautiful island was because of the Government not taking care of the downtown communities the way they take care of uptown. To my surprise, however, most of the people who responded to the article agreed with the Jamaica Observer article and disagreed with 18 Karat Reggae.

Has our self-esteem become so low that we are now seeing ourselves as a set of nasty people? Walk through any uptown and it is as clean as a whistle. Walk through any downtown neighborhood and it is not as clean as their uptown counterparts. So if the cleanliness of the country or lack thereof is to be blamed on the people; aren’t we in essence saying that downtown people are nasty while uptown people are clean? That is a very sad statement for Jamaicans to be saying. In fact these are the kind of talk that makes uptown people feel like they have a right to fight against “ghetto” people.

Am I to believe that if the Jamaican Government treated the downtown communities exactly the same way they do uptown, the downtown neighborhoods would still be filled with litter? I don’t buy that for a minute even though most of our readers do. Below are some of the comments we got from our readers.

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Dionis: Wi nasty fi chue! A country mi baawn a grow an wi neva have garbage collection services, yet still nuh pile up Neva deh nuhwey bout. A suh wi like defend slackness. You have to respect yourself first before others can respect you!

Ann-Marie: I’m not going to characterise the thing by saying Jamaicans are nasty but however I’m am marvel at how when they go abroad they abide by their rules yet it so hard to do the same in their own country, I myself upon these observation can not and will not litter the streets if I have as small as a sweetie wrapper I put it in my bag/vehicle until I get home or see a bin that’s when I disposed of it.

Nana: We nasty if true we clean cloth nasty we bathe dress up and we road house community dirty the river lake oceans dirty and a so we older generation a growing our kids mi try clean my community but when a you alone it hard.

Andre: It’s so true…. look at how many time they clean the drains and before the day finish it’s filled with garbage. People driving in the car and just dash the rubbish through the window. Saw they put a few recycling drums in half way tree and the people put the rubbish everywhere else but in the drum…. truth is the truth.. Bush Stewart and his chain of businesses have done alot for this country… it’s a good feeling knowing that a born jamaican man owns or is a manger share holder in such a well establish hotel chain and well talk about not to mention ATL. Remember when all the others pack up and leave he stayed.. leave the man bis out of this.

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Lotya: Some of us is nasty for real we pollute the environment most of the times we dump rubbish where we r not supposed to. Right now I’m having an issue where I live because nasty ppl dumping rubbish on a open lot close to my house even thou rubbish truck comes every week.

Roxroy: Dem too nasty fi true!!! Just look at our beloved Jamaica 🇯🇲…I mean the sandals group, managers and all work very hard to clean up the beaches and sidewalks through the “Clean up Jamaica” program…we need to do better as a nation…they just throw everything out the window…and it’s hurting us as a nation.

Radcliffe: I usually heard that the other race of people nasty but we beat them by far in nastiness.
The street clean get the job to do but because all of us nasty ,nobody care if the job done properly or what.

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