Black men need Black women need black men.

Black men need Black women
Black men need Black women

Black men need to understand that they need the black woman. Black men complain about the Black woman being too independent and not understanding that she had to be.

From a Black Woman

If you could just endure for a little longer you would see all we ever needed is your love, for us to see we can depend on our man that you can provide and fulfill all our needs. Then you will see your black woman providing your every needs, that black woman can be submissive and everything you dreamed.

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Understand when they took you from us we had no choice but to become independent and as a result Black woman became too strong for our men and our men became too weak and the cycle goes on this is why so many black families are broken up.

But with me the cycle will stop with me I will be my husband team player we will do everything together, pay bills, clean, cook and Discipline our kids; it wont just fall on me or him but we. By: Sade Hardin

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