Why you can’t compare Buju Banton’s Bahamas concert to Jamaica’s.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

By Grace Vanriel

This report about Buju Banton tour date in the Bahamas is not easy to interpret. First of all, the National Stadium in the Bahamas holds 15,000 “expandable” to 23,000 and we are left to assume they prepared for total capacity.

They also reported that 10,000 flew into the island while not mentioning local ticket sales so again we are also left to assume that if the stadium was half filled about 12,000+ people were in attendance. That’s certainly no attendance figure to scoff at let alone compare to anything else since few if any lone artists can pull those numbers.

None-the-less the benefits 10,000 fans flying into the island are wide ranging as a generous boost to the local tourist economy at every level from airlines to hotels and local businesses to vendors; it’s safe to assume that everyone did great.

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Audience ticket sales is a numbers game – the more consumers you actually reach becomes a determining factor in the size crowd you’ll have in attendance.

Buju Banton is a beloved Jamaican in a country with an estimated population of 2.89 million people, the island was saturated with news of his return and the concert, we all saw the airport photos and know that his immediate community of friends and fans was anxiously awaiting his return then actually came out and supported his Long Walk to Freedom tour; after a 10-year absence tourist who also wanted to be at his first concert on the Reggae circuit made it a point to be there. That leg of the tour was a guaranteed sell-off!

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On the flip side, the Bahamas has an estimated population of 403,095 people making it significantly smaller than Jamaica. No matter, as my friend Kenny Jahfingers Sounds astutely pointed out, every concert will be different.

Consider that if Buju Banton could have brought his tour to Madison Square Garden or Roy Wilkins Park next week, there would be a run on tickets unprecedented in the history of New York City Reggae Music and that’s a fact!

All things considered, the Bahamas tour date was also a big hit!



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